Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nutrela Pasta and Butterscotch Desert


500 grams pasta
2-3 tablespoon nutrela
2 spoon butter
1 spoon pasta seasoning
4 cloves
2 green chilly
1 big onion
2 -3small capsicum
2 tomatoes
Few drops of tomato puree/chilly ketchup
Grated cheese
Cream (optional)


1. Put water to boil....when boiled add pasta...with spoon of oil and salt.....when done strain and run cold water over it....in the same boiled water....put those handful of nutrela till they swell....keep pasta in side

2.Take 2 spoon butter in pan Add a spoon of pasta seasoning .

3. Add 4 cloves of garlic and 2 green chilly and fry nicely ....then add onion and let it fry nicely.

4.  And then add capscicum ( 2-3) to it...and nutrela ( or else fry them in butter seperately ) and then add or fry there in butter so its crispy....

5. Finally add 2-3 tomotoes long cut and cover pan a bit....once all are half done.....add salt to it...so it leaves juice and is done....now add pasta to it....and add tomoto puree/chilly kechup to it and mix

6. Then  season with  grated cheese and pasta seasoning...one can add cream a bit too....

Desert ideas

Take 3 marie biscut in a bowl....butterscotch ice cream on top and choco sauce for  desert
One can also make hot chocolate fudge at home...by crushing the biscut and nuts in a mixer. Heating the syrup a bit and then adding it in a class filled with butterscotch ice cream scoops

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