Sunday, March 13, 2011



1-cup semolina(Suji) (not too fine)

1 tsp. urad (dhuli ) dal

1 tsp. mustard seeds

One stalk curry leaves

Some grated cocunut/ cocunut powder

Three green chilies chopped ( or more depending on you)

One onion chopped coarsely

2 tbsp. oil

Salt to taste (1/2 tsp)

Pinch of sugar

2 cups water

Cashews ( 1 tsp)and Peanuts ( 2 tsp)
( if available...since I didnt have them so I didnt otherwise add them and its tastes awesome)

Coriander for garnishing


1.Heat oil in a kadai.

2. Add the mustard seeds and cover with a plate so spluttering doesn't spoil the kitchen.

3. Once spluttering stops add green chillies, urad dal and curry leaves and nuts and fry on low till light golden.

4. Add onions. Stir and sauté till the onions are pink.

5. Add the semolina and stir continuously till the semolina gives out a nice aroma. It Takes about 7-8 minutes to roast the semolina on low.

8. Add the salt and sugar and stir. Carefully pour in a cup of water and stir well.

9. If it feels too dry, add more water( 1 cup) and stir. Keep on low and simmer for 2-3 minutes.

10 . Garnish with coriander (optional) I didnt add coriander. One can garnish with more cocunut too.

Serve hot with steaming coffee or tea or as breakfast.

Note: Always soak dals in water for 10-15 minutes before cooking and fry them till pink in the oil so that they get done.

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